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Air Tightness Testing

Axion Energy Solutions undertakes air tightness testing and is registered as Competent Persons with the Independent Airtightness Testing Scheme (IATS). We are registered as Level 1 Air Tightness Testers.

The purpose of this service is to satisfy the current Building Regulations (Part L) - Conservation of Fuel and Power.  These tests are compulsory for all new buildings.

Our Level 1 registration allows us to undertake air tightness testing for single dwellings and other small simple buildings up to 4,000 m3.

As a special offer we can also provide a combined SAP calculation & Air Tightness Test package. Contact us to discuss your needs:


Why you need air tightness testing

Air leakage is the uncontrolled air loss (air infiltration) from a building through cracks and holes. If the air loss is too high then a building will be draughty, uncomfortable to live in and will have high heating bills. The building is pressure tested to ensure that it has been constructed to a good standard and that it can achieve the pass score which has been calculated in the SAP calculation. The test is a means of quantifying how much air leaks into or out of the building.

Achieving a good standard of air tightness results in lower energy bills and a building which is comfortable for the occupants.